NEW! A Site Management Plan, by Virtual-Carrie

You have a website! 🙌 It’s really pretty! 👌 You don’t know how to use it! 👎


Okay maybe you know the basics… (or maybe you don’t even know how to log in), but: (a) The backend updates are the last thing you want to be focusing on in your business. Wait, what backend updates? (b) Adding a new post to your blog takes you an entire day. *Sigh* (c) You discovered your site is not impervious to the Internet demons (hackers, spammers, malware). Oh, that compliment about the “great content” on my blog wasn’t real? (d) Something on your site is… already outdated? Floating to the left? Not showing up? SPINNING? Does this have something to do with “code”?



  • A Solution!
  • $ 139
    per month
  • Weekly〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰
    Content Updates**;
    Backups of all Content;

    Scans for Malware & Hackers;
    Spam Comment cleanup;
    Broken Code fixes;
    Updates of Core, Themes & Plugins;
    Backup of Databases & all Core files;

    Submission of Sitemaps to Google;
    SEO Updates on site content;
    Google Analytics Reports

    **Up to 5 hrs of Content Updates per month


What does "Content" include?

Content is anything that needs to be added to your site, usually in the form of text and media (photo, video, audio). If you have an active site, you may need to frequently update blog posts, podcasts, events, page information, photo galleries, online shops, forms etc.

When will you publish new content on my site?

Requests for site edits must be submitted via email by 8:00PM EST on Thursdays, in order for the updates to be reflected on the following Monday. You will automatically receive a reminder email every Wednesday evening to submit your edits on time. This is a use-it-or-lose-it feature. You might not need something updated every week, but please submit on time when you do! If you have multiple, complex edit requests in one week, you will be notified beforehand if it will max out your edits for the month.

Why do I need backups?

Unfortunately, websites crash. For many reasons. A spammer could drop a line of code into your comments section and knock out your site. A plugin upgrade could conflict with an outdated site theme. With frequent backups, it’s easy to revive a website that’s experienced a crash and minimize the down-time. Most importantly, you’ll never lose your site!

How can I monitor changes to my site?

Backups will be saved in a Dropbox folder that will be shared with you. There you will be able to see the latest backup log date, and have full access to it.

You will receive an email on the last day of each month with your logged site updates, reports and analysis. This will also be accessible via Dropbox.

How does payment work?

When you fill out your payment details below, you will be entered into a recurring monthly subscription. This will automatically charge your credit card on the same day every month, and will continue until either you or I cancel the subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

⤷ Email with any questions.

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